I was born in Kecskemét in 1982. I graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2009. I lived and worked in Budapest for 10 years, now I live in Dunakeszi. I love the Danube. The Danube Bend is also nearby. And I have a cat, Fahéj.

In the beginning of my painting I was interested in self-portraits and later on portraits, where the expressiveness and the emotional content were the determining factors. My intention was to always grasp what I see in a different way again and again. Then self-portraits started to fascinate me in the world of the mirror, it has been recurring in my pictures ever since. I found thought-provoking that despite the mirror’s flat surface,a new, paralell space can popen up. This spatial layering became a tool to express the relations between the dualities : interior and exterior, mirror and reflection, dream and reality, boundaries and limitlessness.

At first, the narrow cutout, the details and their subtleties, the lightness of the brushwork appeared in my pictures, then the center of gravity invisibly shifted to the depicted subject, its content, and its symbolism. In addition to the depiction of people, the mirror, reflection, duality, space cut-out, landscape, gate, water, blood and the labyrinth have returned many times in my paintings.

In addition to painting, I also completed two art therapy courses and studied astrology in several ways. After a while I supplemented it with movement/dance and body-focused personal experience groups (where you can work in group with spiritual content using different techniques). For me, these all strengthened the inner journey, the inward observation. In the same time the world of symbols, the archetypes, myths, and the analogical thinking in pictorial expression became more and more important to me.

In my pictures, I like to build on the illogical function of dreaminess and imagination. In my new paintings the stories unfold on the border of reality. I express internal movements, the interweaving of past upheavals, collective experiences and personal stories. To achieve ths goal I experimented with the collage technique ,and found it inevitably expressive.

Why am I attracted by stories that much? To me our lives are the parts of a collective story. We tell stories in novels, tales, movies and in pictures etc. In my belief people are not static creatures, but living, moving in time, therefore in stories.